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Vidgo Website Begins Temporarily Redirecting Visitors

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Vidgo’s homepage is now temporarily redirecting visitors to the website’s press section. This is the latest development in the ongoing Vidgo outage that started back in October of last year and has left subscribers without access to their live TV packages.

After initially appearing to be a short-term outage, it quickly became clear that Vidgo was encountering a major issue. Even though the website has remained live throughout the outage, new subscribers have been unable to sign up for a live TV plan. Vidgo was still actively advertising its plans, it is just attempting to sign up would result in an error and loop the visitor back to the homepage again.

Vidgo has now decided to take its homepage offline, removing the ability for visitors to access the main landing page at all. Anyone now attempting to visit Vidgo are automatically redirected to the press section of the site instead, which hasn’t actually been updated since April 2023.

Streaming Better can confirm that the redirect in use is a 302 redirect. This type of redirect is typically used to tell search engines that the redirection is only temporary. For example, a site that is undergoing maintenance or a redesign may make use of this type of redirect while the work is being done. This is in contrast to a 301 redirect which tells search engines the webpage has permanently moved.

With that in mind, it would seem as though something is happening behind the scenes at Vidgo, as the use of a temporary redirect suggests the homepage will eventually return again. The only question now is whether it returns as it was before or returns ready to do business again, and potentially sporting a new look and design.

John Finn
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John Finn

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