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Vidgo On-Demand Explained: How VOD Works And What To Expect


Vidgo VOD on Apple TV

Vidgo provides subscribers with a library of video on demand (VOD) content that’s available to watch at any time. This hasn’t always been the case, however. Previously, Vidgo only offered access to live TV channels streamed over the internet without the option to watch content on an on-demand basis.

Compared to some of the other live TV streaming services, Vidgo is probably one of the lesser-known options. In spite of this, Vidgo has a good selection of competing plans at competing prices. For example, its cheapest Plus plan currently costs $64.95 per month. This is not only the same price as YouTube TV, but also a cheaper option than both DirecTV Stream and fuboTV.

Regardless of which Vidgo plan a home signs up to, they can expect access to a wide selection of on-demand content that they can watch anytime and anywhere.

Why video on demand is important

While there are many benefits to streaming live TV, freedom remains one of the most fundamental. Whether it’s in terms of switching services on a monthly basis, or the ability to watch on the devices you want in the location you want, freedom is one of the key selling points of live TV streaming.

A major part of that freedom is VOD which allows subscribers to choose when they watch. While cloud DVR can achieve the same thing in principle, DVR limitations often mean subscribers can’t access the wealth of content they are able to through a VOD service.

Vidgo is a prime example here as its DVR remains one of its weakest points. For example, those signed up to a live TV package currently only get 20 hours of DVR space for free. That’s a pretty low amount and perfectly highlights the importance of having access to a varied on-demand library.

How Vidgo’s VOD works

Similar to other live TV streaming services, Vidgo’s on-demand library is determined by the networks and channels included with its live TV plans. Officially, the Vidgo website states there are 14,000+ titles resulting in more than 10,000 hours of ready-to-watch content included with every Vidgo subscription.

In reality, the number is likely to be much higher. Vidgo recently agreed a deal with Cinedigm to add more than 10,000 additional on-demand titles. Following that deal, Vidgo is understood to be offering live TV subscribers access to more than 40,000 on-demand titles.

Regardless of how many exactly are on offer, on-demand content can be accessed at any time through any of the supported platform apps by clicking on the clapperboard icon.

Vidgo On Demand Fire TV
Vidgo’s on-demand section on Fire TV

Once in the Video On Demand section, users will be able to browse through the entire on-demand catalog. While they can click on categories like Just Added and Trending to see what’s new and popular, they can also narrow down the results by clicking on any of the genre filters such as Action, Comedy, Entertainment, or Kids.

Once they’ve found a title they can immediately start watching by clicking on Watch Now. If it is a series, then they will have the added option of browsing through the various seasons and episodes that are available.

Vidgo On Demand Series Episodes on Fire TV
Vidgo on-demand episodes on Fire TV

It is worth noting that Vidgo’s library of on-demand catalog is never final. Not only is there new content becoming available to stream every day, but existing on-demand titles are also removed on a regular basis.

Due to this, any content that is available to watch on demand through Vidgo right now might not be available to stream tomorrow, next month or next year.

Vidgo’s Alternatives to VOD

As mentioned, the most obvious alternative to Vidgo’s VOD is the DVR which allows subscribers to record movies, episodes, and more. Also as mentioned, however, Vidgo offers a very limited amount of storage space for free with its plans. In addition, the DVR actively requires the user to be proactive in setting up and managing recordings. Neither of which is required with the VOD.

One alternative Vidgo offers is its Advanced Playback feature. Long before Vidgo added on-demand content, or even DVR support, it offered Advanced Playback. This is basically a time-shift feature that extends back to well before the start of a video.

Essentially, Vidgo offers a 72-hour rewind ability making it possible to watch titles that have previously been shown on live TV within the last 72 hours. While Advanced Playback is not available with every channel and title, the benefit of this feature is that it can unlock on-demand access to videos that have yet to become available through VOD and weren’t recorded.

Vidgo on demand
Advanced Playback is an alternative to on demand

Another alternative is TV Everywhere. Vidgo also provides subscribers with TV Everywhere support, making it possible to sign in to a third-party network app or website and watch live and on-demand content. Similar to many other live TV streaming services, Vidgo’s TV Everywhere support doesn’t include every live TV channel available with its plans.

For the channels that are included, TV Everywhere can be another way to unlock access to more on-demand content.

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