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Does Vidgo Have Video on Demand (VOD)?

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No, Vidgo does not offer any video on demand (VOD) content. At present, Vidgo only provides access to live TV channels streamed over the internet without the option to access content on an on-demand basis. While the company does plan to add VOD at some point in the future, it remains to be seen when that will happen.


Vidgo is one of the newer entrants to the live TV streaming market and one of its major selling points is the price. For example, the standard cost of the cheapest Vidgo TV plan is $39.99 with access to over 60 channels. At this price, Vidgo appears like a good option as it is cheaper than AT&T TV NOW, fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV.

However, the service does lack on a number of departments and offers fewer features than other services, and this includes access to traditonal VOD.


Why video on demand is important

There are many benefits to opting for a live TV streaming service although the ‘freedom to choose’ remains one of the most fundamental. Whether that’s in terms of switching services on a monthly basis, watching on the devices you want, the location you want to access from, or even when you access movies and shows, freedom is one of the key selling points of live TV streaming.

However, a major part of that freedom is VOD which allows subscribers to choose when they want to watch from a library of movies and shows.


While cloud DVR can achieve the same thing in principle, DVR limitations often mean subscribers can’t have access to the wealth of content they would have through a VOD service. Not to mention, the cloud DVR approach would actually require the user to record and manage all the content.

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Source: Vidgo

Instead, with on demand access to the movies and shows that have either aired recently, or are part of a network’s back catalog, VOD significantly increases the value of the product offered by a live TV streaming service. In fact, this is not only true in terms of live TV streaming, but any video service at all.

Why Vidgo doesn’t offer VOD

Vidgo has never explicitly explained why it does not offer VOD although it stands to reason it was just not one of the priorities the service focused on during its initial development and deployment.

Compared to other live TV streaming services, Vidgo is still a very young service. At first, it launched in an early beta state, and at a massively reduced cost. That early low cost was yet another sign of the immaturity of the service, considering the cheap plans did not include as many channels as Vidgo now offers.


While it has technically left its beta status behind and undergone a full consumer launch, Vidgo is still in a sort of beta status with a lot of the background features missing. To compensate for what it doesn’t offer, Vidgo has always pushed the features that other services don’t have, such as a greater emphasis on social engagement.

Vidgo social TV hang
Vidgo focuses on social features

There is also the issue of the price. Again, Vidgo positions itself as a cheap service right now. However, additional features often cost more and especially if they involve having to pay extra for the licensing of VOD content – which is likely something Vidgo has yet to agree terms on.

To add to this, there’s the whole interface infrastructure issue. A feature like VOD, although useful, could require a robust interface that the company has yet to establish. Instead, offering access to the live feeds is likely to be considerably easier than requiring the additional app and web browser experience to house and use a VOD catalog.


This last point might be even more of an issue for Vidgo specifically, considering the service’s lack of prior video platform experience. For example, Vidgo does not have the type of platform infrastructure and experience in place that AT&T, Hulu, Sling, and YouTube does. It could simply be that it is taking time for Vidgo to develop and implement the feature the way it wants to.

Will Vidgo ever have VOD?

Vidgo has publicly stated that it fully intends to offer VOD as a feature at some point. However, it remains to be seen when that will happen. This is a service that launched in the latter half of 2019 and since then, Vidgo has not made any firm commitment to when VOD will be available.

Furthermore, even if Vidgo does start offering VOD as a feature anytime soon, there remains the question of whether there will be any impact on the pricing. Right now, Vidgo is likely to be prioritizing accumulating users and that’s something where having a lower price can pay dividends. If a price rise accompanies the rolling out of a feature like VOD, then it remains unclear if the service will still offer a similar degree of value compared to the other services.

Again, Vidgo does say it will offer VOD, but without any firm timeline on when subscribers can expect the feature to arrive, Vidgo remains a live TV streaming service without access to any video on demand content.

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