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Vizio Adds Quick Menu, WatchFree+ Shortcuts With Latest Update


Vizio smart TV shortcuts

Vizio is now in the process of rolling out some new features that are designed to improve the user experience. In particular, shortcuts that are designed to help speed up the time it takes to navigate the Vizio smart TV interface. At the same time, Vizio is also rolling out some new features to its mobile app.

One of the nice things about Vizio TVs is that they are able to receive updates automatically. This helps to ensure users are always up to date and have access to the latest features without having to manually check. The current experience and content discovery update is the first of 2023 for Vizio, and will automatically be applied to compatible TVs.

Once the update has been downloaded and installed, the Vizio smart TV will gain access to new shortcut options. As explained in the announcement, there’s a new Quick Menu, accessible by pressing the Menu button on the remote, which quickly opens up access to various settings for the TV.

For those that often make use of Vizio’s WatchFree+ service, there’s a new WatchFree+ Mini Guide shortcut available after the update. By pressing left on the remote while watching WatchFree+, the user will be able to check what’s playing on other WatchFree+ channels without having to stop the current channel they are watching.

Vizio WatchFree + Mini Guide

Vizio has also added a Recent Apps shortcut to the Apps and Inputs row to provide TV users with a quick way to see a list of their most recently used apps.

In terms of Vizio Mobile, the app is also seeing a few key features being added, and all of which are also designed to improve usability and efficiency. Some of the new features on offer include the ability to use voice commands to navigate apps and channels, one-button access to WatchFree+, and the ability to make various adjustments to Vizio devices including turning them on or off from the app.

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