A Vizio Smart TV Is The Latest Way To Watch TikTok Videos

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Vizio smart TV owners now have the option of watching popular TikTok videos directly on their smart TV thanks to the newly-added support for the TikTok TV app. Vizio TVs already come with a wide variety of apps to choose from, including its own WatchFree+ service, removing the need for a separate streaming player. However, this latest app support expansion looks to remove the need for users to turn to their phones to access the TikTok mobile app.


The TikTok TV app first launched in the US in November 2021, and as the name suggests, it is simply a TikTok app for the TV. More importantly, it is an app that’s built specifically with the home TV experience in mind, resulting in a TV-optimized interface that makes it easier and quicker to find new videos to watch through the Discover section or access the For You and Following sections.

Often the case with a new app, device support can be somewhat limited to begin with. For example, when TikTok TV first launched, it was only available in the US and Canada on Amazon Fire TV devices. Soon after, support was then expanded to Google TV (and Android TV) devices, as well as LG and Samsung smart TVs. Now, that same support has been extended once again and this time to Vizio smart TVs.


As is typically the case with Vizio TVs, there’s no download required to access the new TikTok TV app. Instead, users will find TikTok TV available in the SmartCast app row on the TV along with the other available apps. To further highlight the launch, and make it a little easier to get started with the app, Vizio SmartCast users will also see a dedicated TikTok TV carousel that highlights some of the more popular genres and videos on the Vizio home screen.

If already familiar with TikTok and how it works, Vizio TV users can also sign in with their existing TikTok account details to gain access to their personalized For You and Following feeds. For those that also like to spend their time watching video after video, the TikTok TV app does include an auto-play setting to enable a continuous stream of TikTok videos on the Vizio smart TV.

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