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YouTube TV Begins Testing ‘Build Your Own Multiview’ Support


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YouTube TV has started testing a new ‘Build a multiview‘ feature that lets subscribers better customize the multiview experience. It currently remains unclear how widespread the feature is, but we have seen multiple users reports confirming the feature is available to them.

Multiview has proven to be a popular feature among YouTube TV subscribers but the lack of customization has remained a major limitation. That said, this limitation got a little better after YouTube made it possible to choose from more curated options. In what seems to be the next evolutionary step, some subscribers have started gaining access to Build a multiview.

As the description explains, Build a multiview allows subscribers to “choose the combination you want to watch.” Although an improvement, this still isn’t a fully customizable solution, as subscribers can only choose from a variety of preselected feeds. In fact, it remains unclear whether any more feeds have been added, or whether the new feature just makes it easier to select from the same list of feeds without having to find the right multiview combination.

In general, and in spite of still being limited, Build a multiview appears to be a step in the right direction. More to the point, the new feature is likely a very good indication of where YouTube eventually plans to take multiview in the future.

Speaking of which, whether this path will ultimately open the door to a situation where YouTube TV subscribers can choose any combination of live events remains to be seen. While YouTube previously suggested that to be the goal, the company has more recently indicated that a true customized option might not ever be possible. For example, YouTube continues to explain as “each region has unique, local content, we are especially constrained on the number of combinations we can create that include local feeds.”

As mentioned, it currently remains unknown just how widespread this test is, so while some subscribers may find they have access to the new ‘Build a multiview’ feature, others won’t.

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