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YouTube TV’s HBO Max Add-On Now Costs More


HBO Max on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has now increased the cost of its HBO Max add-on to $15.99 per month. The change is already in effect for new subscribers signing up to YouTube TV and for those adding HBO Max to their base package. Existing subscribers can expect to pay the higher price when paying their next bill.

This particular price increase is not a YouTube TV decision but one made by HBO Max. Back in January, Warner Bros. Discovery increased the cost of HBO Max by $1 taking the price to $15.99 per month. Interestingly, the price increase did not affect the cost of the annual HBO Max plan.

At the time, both Hulu and YouTube TV didn’t change the cost of their HBO Max add-ons, keeping them at just $14.99 per month. However, that’s now changed with YouTube TV which has since increased the cost in line with HBO Max’s own ad-free pricing. The change appears to have gone live within the last day or two.

While the price is now the same as when signing up for a standalone subscription, YouTube TV does still offer a 7-day free HBO Max free trial to new subscribers. A free trial is unavailable when signing up directly through HBO Max.

For reference, Hulu has yet to increase the cost of its HBO Max add-on, which is still priced at $14.99 per month, making it now $1 cheaper than both HBO Max and YouTube TV, and with a 7-day free trial.

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