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YouTube TV ‘Last Channel Shortcut’ Has Now Rolled Out To All Subscribers

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YouTube TV has now finished rolling out a last channel shortcut to all subscribers. The shortcut does exactly what it sounds like, offering subscribers a quick way to jump back to the last channel watched.

For those interested in checking the feature out, it can be enabled by simply long-pressing the OK or Select button on the remote while watching something. At which point, the viewer will be taken back to the last channel they were watching.

Interestingly, YouTube TV has confirmed that this feature works across all content types. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re watching live TV, video on-demand or even a recording. Holding down the OK/Select button will always now return the user to the channel or video they were watching previously.

With support for the feature having now rolled out to all subscribers, it shouldn’t matter which smart TV or streaming player is being used at the time. As long as the main select button (most often the center circle) is being held down, the feature should work as intended.

For those that encounter any issues trying to get the feature to work, it might be worth holding down the button for slightly longer. Again, it is enabled by the button that’s typically used to play/pause YouTube TV, so it will need to be held down long enough to bypass the initial play/pause functionality.

If the problem persists, then it may also be worth closing the app and restarting it again. As this is a new feature, relaunching the app may be all that’s needed to fully enable it on certain devices.

It is lastly worth noting that the last channel shortcut only works if there is actually a last channel in the memory. In other words, users will need to have switched channels or between videos for the feature to work.

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John Finn

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