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YouTube TV Officially Drops MLB.TV As Well


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YouTube TV has now officially dropped MLB.TV as an add-on option. The popular live TV service had already confirmed that it was dropping MLB Network on January 31, 2023, following a dispute over the fee. However, it remained unclear how that dispute would affect the availability of MLB.TV.

Now, that question has been fully answered. YouTube TV has started emailing existing subscribers advising them that, as of February 16th, the MLB.TV add-on is no longer available. In addition, the YouTube TV website has also been updated to reflect the fact that the add-on is no longer available to add to the base live TV plan.

As is typically the case with these changes, this also means that existing subscribers will now lose access to any previous Library recordings from MLB.TV.

For reference, MLB.TV was also one of the networks that could be subscribed to without having to also sign up to YouTube TV’s base plan. From today, that option has also now been removed as well.

In reality, this is more of a convenience issue than a price problem. It isn’t any cheaper to sign up to MLB.TV through YouTube TV than it is through the MLB website. However, for those that prefer to keep as many of their subscriptions and channels together, and accessible through the same app, the loss of the add-on is unfortunate.

MLB.TV did recently announce its pricing for the 2023 season, confirming a $10 price increase when compared to last year. As an MLB.TV subscription does also now include Minor League baseball games as well, the actual value has increased along with the price.

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