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YouTube TV Subscribers Lose YES Network & Select Fox RSNs

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Update 03/05: We now have confirmed channel losses

After a turbulent period, YouTube TV subscribers have lost access to YES Network and select Fox RSNs. At the moment, it remains unclear as to how widespread the loss is, although more details on this are expected to come through soon.

Towards the end of last month, YouTube TV announced it was dropping Fox RSNs due to the inability to reach a new deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group – the owner of the Fox RSNs in question. This immediately resulted in a backlash from subscribers on social media and especially in relation to how short-notice the warning was.

However, hours before the deadline was reached, YouTube confirmed it was still in negotiations with Sinclair and that the affected channels would remain available in the meantime.

Today, YouTube confirmed that it had reached an agreement with Sinclair, but not for all channels. Adding that Fox RSNs still affected by the lack of a deal will be removed on or after March 5.

YouTube TV confirms new deal, but not for all channels

Unclear how many channels YouTube TV has lost

While YouTube TV has confirmed it reached a deal for some but not all channels, it currently remains unclear how many subscribers will be affected by this. YouTubeTV has yet to post a list of removed channels and simply says that it will notify individual subscribers in the app if they are located in an area impacted by the new deal terms.

However, one of the definite casualties is YES Network who also took to social media to confirm the lack of a deal. The YES Network statement makes it very clear that it places the blame at YouTube TV’s door by accusing them of trying to secure a “sweetheart” deal. Although the statement also does place some of the blame on Sinclair by stating it decided to make a deal “for its own reasons.” Here’s the Yes Network statement in full.

YES Network confirms YouTube TV drop

It should be noted that the statement above does actually suggest the Fox RSNs affected by this are larger-market ones. However, without any firm confirmation on this, it remains to be seen if that’s actually the case of if YES Network is just trying to add tension to an already volatile situation.

For reference, some users on social media and various forms have already started confirming that channels have been dropped in their area, although again reports are lacking consistency with some noting that a specific RSN is still live for them, while others saying it is not.

As a result, the full effects of the new deal between YouTube TV and Sinclair remain unclear.

Source: TeamYouTube/Twitter

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