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Airscreen Lets You See Through Your Computer Screen To Watch Live Sports, TV Shows, And Movies


Mobeus Airscreen

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to watch Netflix or your favorite live TV channels on your computer while also trying to get some work done, Airscreen from Mobeus might be for you. Basically, Airsceen lets you see through your work screen to stream your favorite videos in the background.

Airscreen is a software solution that makes it possible to have two different layers on the screen, both of which are technically viewable at the same time. In this sense, making it possible for a video feed to be played as a layer behind a layer displaying something else. In the example image shown above, the user is able to watch the cricket while checking their Gmail.

Mobeus is the company behind Airscreen, and this isn’t the first time the company has launched a product like this. In late 2022, Mobeus launched Airglass. While both products are designed to let you see ‘beyond the display screen’, Airglass is designed to be a video and audio communications tool while Airscreen is designed for streaming video.

That said, Airscreen appears to be more of a multi-functional tool. While it is marketed as a way to watch a sports game, TV show, or movie in the background while working, Mobeus explains that it can also be used for web conferencing, studying, or security monitoring, among other things.

Once a video has been selected through the software, the user can manually adjust the transparency level to suit their individual needs. The viewer can then set the video to play behind the screen, or continue watching the video in the normal way (without any transparency applied).

Here’s an example of how it works.

For those interested in giving Airscreen a try, the company has officially launched the product today, in time for the ICC Cricket World Cup, with the software now available to download directly from the Airscreen website. At present, the website actively lists Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube as supported services, but the software is understood to work with many more streaming services.

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