AirTV 2 Launches with Free Access to Over-the-Air Live TV Channels

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Dish Network’s AirTV today launched its latest cord-cutting solution, the AirTV 2. AirTV devices are used to provide a way to access live local channels without having to pay a monthly bill. As the name suggests, this device follows on from the original model but with a number of improvements. According to the company, these improvements are best summed up in terms of the size and the connectivity.

The original AirTV provided HD access to local live TV channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS. These are free-to-access channels in general – AirTV equipment simply makes it easier to tune into those channels providing the device is paired with additional equipment, such as an antenna.

Here’s a brief video explainer on how AirTV products work:

The new AirTV does the same thing. Although it’s big change is the inclusion of a dual-band Wi-Fi system which among other things, lets users access content on-the-go and on other devices. The wireless nature coupled with its more compact design also means it can more easily be placed elsewhere in the home, other than right by the TV.

In short, you could use the AirTV to access live OTA channels on multiple devices in the home. Although the number of streams is limited to two at the same time.

AirTV 2 can also stream content to portable devices when away from the home. There are some caveats here. For example, only one stream is available at a time outside the home network. In addition, those wanting to record and access those recordings will need to connect a separate external hard drive to the AirTV 2.

AirTV 2 plays nicely with Sling TV

AirTV is owned by Dish and so is Sling TV. Due to this, AirTV products tend to play very nicely with Sling TV services and that’s exactly the case with the AirTV 2. To access the free live TV channels easily with AirTV 2, a Sling TV account is needed although it can be a free Sling TV account.

Sling TV customers also get the benefit of being able to integrate the live OTA guide with the main Sling TV guide for a more seamless guide experience.

Adding to all this, Sling TV customers are privy to additional savings on AirTV equipment. For example, the AirTV 2 costs $99.99. However, when prepaying for a three-month Sling TV subscription, consumers can get the AirTV 2 and an indoor OTA antenna for $49.

Alternatively, non-Sling TV customers who purchase the AirTV 2 will get a $25 credit that can then be used against a Sling TV subscription.

AirTV 2 is now available to buy directly from AirTV, priced at $99.99.

Source: AirTV

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