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Amazon Fire TV Devices Are Getting An AI-Powered Search Upgrade


The Sandlot shown as a Fire TV recommendation using Amazon's new AI search upgrade.

Amazon is now in the process of rolling out a new AI-powered search upgrade to Fire TV devices in a bid to make it easier for Alexa to understand more complex search requests, and ultimately make it easier for users to find content to watch.

While Fire TV users have always been able to ask Alexa to search for content, the difference now is the improved use of artificial intelligence. Essentially, Alexa is now better at understanding language people use everyday, and in more natural settings, like how someone might speak to another person.

Here are some of the prompts Amazon provides as natural language examples that Alexa now understands:

  • Alexa, show me movies about dog and human friendships.”
  • Show me psychological thrillers with surprise endings.”
  • What movie has the line, ‘You’re killing me Smalls?‘”

In addition to being more contextually relevant, the recommendations should also be more relevant to the user’s setup as well. For example, recommendations will be prioritized based on the streaming services the subscriber has access to, whether it’s Prime Video or other streaming services, lowering the chance they will be presented with results they have to pay extra for.

The new AI-powered search upgrade has already started rolling out to select Fire TV devices running FOS6 and later in the United States. According to Amazon, all eligible Fire TV devices in the U.S. are expected to receive the update in the coming weeks.

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