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Apple TV+ Is Letting You Gift A 1-Month Free Trial So Your Friends Can Watch Lessons in Chemistry


Apple TV Plus free month gift

To celebrate the launch of Lessons in Chemistry. Apple is currently letting Apple TV+ subscribers gift friends with a 1-month free trial to the streaming service. Considering the standard free trial only lasts 7 days, this is a good way to help someone test Apple TV+ for a longer period without paying.

Generally speaking, getting an extended Apple TV+ free trial is not usually that difficult. Apple routinely offers three months for free with a new device purchase and has routinely partnered with other companies to offer a longer free trial. For example, Apple has recently offered three-month free trials through Best Buy and through Roku.

While this latest free trial offer is not as long as those others, there are no major hoops to jump through, so no Apple, Best Buy, or Roku purchases required. Instead, someone can simply gift the 1-month free trial to someone else by sharing a code with them.

As mentioned, the promotion is being offered to celebrate the launch of Lessons in Chemistry. This is a new eight-episode series from Apple TV+ and the first two episodes are available to stream from today. By simply heading to the Lessons in Chemistry page in the Apple TV+ app or website, existing subscribers will see that there is the option to “Send a Free 1-Month Trial of Apple TV+” listed on the page.

Apple TV Send Free Trial
Image: Apple TV+

By tapping/clicking on Send now, the subscriber will be redirected to a page where they can copy and share a link that can be used to gift someone with the month-long free trial. The family member or friend receiving the link then simply scan the QR code to begin redeeming the extended free trial.

Best of all, Apple says you can share this extended free trial with as many friends as you like.

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