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Apple TV Just Unlocked Multiview For Beta Users

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MLB on Apple TV

Apple TV users interested in watching live sports, and multiple games at the same time, will be happy to know that the rumored multiview feature is no longer just a rumor. In fact, it has now started the process of becoming available.

Specifically, the new multiview feature will make its debut this evening for Friday Night Baseball and then will be available again tomorrow for those signed up to Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass. While Apple has yet to confirm all of this, Tom’s Guide first reported the feature is going live tonight and TechCrunch has now independently confirmed the same thing.

Besides the availability being limited to Friday Night Baseball and MLS Season Pass for now, the feature is also currently limited to Apple TV beta users. As a result, those that have yet to enroll in the beta program will need to install the latest beta version of tvOS on their Apple TV player to get access.

To do this, open the Settings app and then navigate to System, followed by Software Updates, and then click on Get Beta Updates. Once done, the Apple TV player will download and install tvOS beta version 16.5.

It is worth keeping in mind that this is a beta version of tvOS, and unlike the stable version that most people will be used to, pre-release versions can sometimes cause problems.

As a reminder, and similar to how YouTube TV’s version (which only just recently rolled out to all subscribers) works, multiview makes it possible to stream up to four games on the same screen at the same time.

As for those who opt not to download the beta version of tvOS, there’s currently no word on when the new multiview feature is due to roll out to non-beta users.

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