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YouTube TV’s Multiview Is Now Available To All Subscribers


YouTube TV multiview showing multiple sports feeds

YouTube TV has confirmed that its new Multiview feature is now available to all subscribers. The new feature was only released earlier in the week, and in an ‘early access’ status. However, that status now appears to have changed, and likely due to the number of contact requests YouTube TV is receiving.

This week has been a very busy week for YouTube TV. Not only did the live TV service finally make Multiview available, but it also announced a price increase. While the price hike to $72.99 per month took effect immediately for new subscribers, existing subscribers won’t see their price change until midway through next month.

With Multiview launched as a beta, those who wanted access had to reach out and contact YouTube TV to get it enabled. Naturally, during March Madness, that’s probably resulted in a large number of subscribers contacting the service to make the request. Of course, with YouTube TV also increasing the price of its base plan in the very same week, quite a few subscribers are likely reaching out to YouTube about that change as well.

It would seem that this high influx of contact requests has now led to the service basically opening the Multiview floodgates. In spite of only launching the feature on Tuesday, and specifically notingmultiview will roll out to all YouTube TV members over the next few months,” Multiview is now live for everyone. The help page explaining how the feature works has since been updated to confirm that the feature is now widely available.

If you are looking for information on early access to our multiview feature, we have great news- we have rolled out to all users today!

YouTube TV Help

Even though the feature now live for all subscribers, it should be noted that it isn’t available on all devices. Specifically, while Multiview does work on smart TVs and streaming players, it has yet to gain support for the web or mobile devices.

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