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Apple TV Windows Preview App Now Available – Here’s How It Works


Apple TV Windows Preview app main

Apple TV is now available on Windows as a preview app, allowing those with a compatible device to test out the app prior to its full release. It is already possible to access Apple TV Plus on a Windows device using a browser. By simply heading over and logging in to the Apple TV+ website, subscribers can watch any of the original Apple movies and shows.

However, the option to download an app does make it much easier and an Apple TV Windows preview app is now available to download from the Windows Store on a compatible Windows device. At present, the app only appears to support devices running Windows 11 version 22621.0 or higher.

While the app doesn’t appear to be discoverable yet by searching through the Windows Store (unless you’re a Windows Insider), it can be accessed through this link. Clicking on the ‘Get in Store app‘ button will then redirect the user to the correct Windows Store page and allow the app to be installed on the device.

Upon launch, the app confirms that this is a preview version of the app with the additional caveat that not all features might work as expected. It is also worth noting that the same prompt confirms that iTunes will stop working on the device once the preview app is installed. According to the warning, users will have to wait until a compatible version of iTunes is available or uninstall the preview app to revert back to the older version of iTunes.

Once installed, the Apple TV Windows preview app works largely as expected. Users can browse the videos available through Apple TV, sign in to see and watch the movies and shows they already have access to, and of course, watch Apple TV Plus. If new to Apple TV Plus it is also possible to sign up for a subscription and take advantage of the standard 7-day free trial directly within the preview app.

Apple TV Windows Preview app 2
Apple TV+ users can sign in and start watching

Once logged in, users will be able to continue where they left off on other devices, see new recommendations for what to watch next, make adjustments to the streaming quality, enable or disable automatic downloads, and more.

Apple TV Windows Preview app signed in
Apple TV+ users can continue where they left off

It is also possible to view some account information, including recent purchases, as well as authorize and deauthorize the device. Only authorized devices can play purchases made through Apple TV and Apple only allows up to five computers (whether they are Mac, PC, or a combination of both) to be authorized at any one time.

Even though this is still only a preview app, it does seem to work pretty well and looks reliable enough for Apple TV users to start using now. Of course, mileage will vary in terms of compatibility, and as Apple notes, some may run into performance or reliability issues when using the preview version. For reference, and for those more heavily invested in Apple’s ecosystem, an Apple Music app also now appears to be available in Windows preview form as well.

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