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Bally Sports Arizona Will Continue Broadcasting Diamondbacks Games For Now


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In somewhat of a surprising move, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Diamond Sports Group have issued a joint statement to confirm that Bally Sports Arizona will continue to air Diamondbacks games for now.

Last week, Diamond Sports filed a motion to have its deal with the Diamondbacks brought to an end. That request was expected to be decided on within the next few days, with the likely outcome being the rights to games being returned. For now, however, that’s not the case.

After issuing a joint statement to multiple outlets and reporters, it is now clear that, in the short-term, Bally Sports Arizona will continue broadcasting Diamondbacks games, According to the statement shared by Arizona Sports, “Diamond Sports Group and the Arizona Diamondbacks have decided to postpone tomorrow’s hearing due to ongoing and positive discussions toward finding a solution.”

It currently remains to be seen how long this latest agreement will last, or exactly what the suggested solution actually might look like.

On the one hand, it is possible that the two are working towards finding a solution where games remain on Bally Sports Arizona on more of a long term basis. Likewise, it is also possible that the two are working on a solution that would see the rights returned to MLB, as was the case with the Padres.

What is clear, however, this is unlikely to be the last announcement related to the unfolding situation between Diamond Sports and the Arizona Diamondbacks, let alone the wider situation that’s continually unfolding between Diamond Sports and Major League Baseball in general.

In the meantime, Diamondbacks fans will continue to be able to watch games the same way they have all season so far, on Bally Sports Arizona.

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