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Boost Mobile Customers Can Now Save $10 a Month On Sling TV


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Boost mobile customers can save $10 on the cost of a Sling TV subscription. While Sling offers a variety of deals and discounts when signing up, the difference here is that Boost is offering its customers a $10 discount every month, resulting in a saving of $120 over the course of a full year.

Sling is already considered to be an affordable live TV service, and especially when compared to others. However, the cost of live TV has increased greatly over the years, and Sling’s plans are no exception. For example, while the original Sling plan launched at $20 per month in 2015, the cheapest Sling plan in 2023 costs a minimum of $40 per month.

Boost Mobile has now launched a promotion that reduces the cost of a Sling TV plan by $10 each month, and for as long as the subscription remains active. According to Boost Mobile, both new and existing Boost Mobile customers can take advantage of the offer after June 14, 2023. Any customers that either already own a Motorola smartphone (or plan to purchase one) will be able to get their discount between now and June 14.

Regardless of whether signing up before or after June 14, and with or without a Motorola smartphone, customers will need to manually sign up for the Sling TV base plan at a Boost Mobile store to lock in the discount.

It is also worth noting that the promotion only works for new Sling TV subscribers, so it is not possible to get a $10 discount if you are already signed up to Sling TV. In addition, customers will need to use the same email address for both Boost Mobile and Sling accounts, and will need to keep both accounts active to maintain the discount.

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