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You Can Get A Sling TV Free Trial But It Depends On The Device


Sling TV Free Trial Streaming Better

It is possible to sign up for a Sling TV free trial but it depends on the device. While most companies either offer a free trial or don’t, Sling TV’s approach is a little more complicated. Essentially, you will need to choose between a free trial and a deal.

Sling TV is generally considered to be one of the more affordable live TV services around. Even though the price has been rising over the past few years, it is still cheaper than many other services. What’s more, Sling is nearly always offering some kind of deal, promotion, or discount to new users.

It is for this very reason that Sling TV rarely seems to offer a free trial to new users. Instead, those signing up through the website will find that they are offered a discount. Right now, for example, Sling TV is running a half-off the first month promotion which reduces the cost of a live TV plan down to as little as $20.

Where things get interesting, however, is that Sling TV only tends to offer these deals and promotions to those that sign up through the website. If, for example, you sign up through a mobile or smart TV app then you are far less likely to be offered a deal. That said, you just might be offered a free trial instead.

In comparison to other live TV streaming services that offer a free trial, Sling TV’s is fairly minimal, and tends to only last for three days. Here’s the free trial currently being offered through the Android mobile app.

Sling TV free trial Android mobile
Sling TV free trial on Android

The exact same free trial is also being offered through the Google TV app on smart TVs.

Sling TV free trial Google TV
Sling TV free trial on Google TV

While it possible to sign up to a free trial through the app, it should be noted that this also varies depending on the platform. For example, when testing on a Fire TV Cube, potential subscribers are redirected to sign up through the Sling TV website with the Fire TV app actively promoting the current half-off deal instead of a free trial.

Likewise, as there is still no tvOS sign-up option available, Apple TV players don’t mention any way to sign up, indirectly forcing users to subscribe on another device or via the website.

Of course, what Sling TV offers can and does change over time, so the availability of any free trials or promotions will depend on when attempting to sign up. In general, however, new users can expect a discount when subscribing through the website and a 3-day free trial when signing up through an app where app signups are possible.

Which is better will depend on the needs of the household. For us, the ability to save on the cost of a full month of live TV sounds like a better deal than three days for free.

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