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You Can Now Sign Up To Comcast’s $20 Now TV Service


Comcast Now TV service

Comcast’s new Now TV service is live, offering new and existing Xfinity internet customers the option to sign up to a live TV package for as little as $20 per month.

Comcast announced its plan to launch a new live TV service last week, confirming that in return for the $20 monthly cost, subscribers would get access to more than 40 live channels and more then 20 integrated FAST channels.

One of the additional interesting aspects of Now TV is that it also includes a Peacock Premium subscription at no additional cost. Considering Peacock costs a minimum of $5 per month, this effectively reduces the live TV portion down to as little as $15 per month.

At the time, it wasn’t entirely clear when the new live TV service would go live with Comcast simply saying the plan was to launch ‘in the coming weeks.’ However, Comcast has now confirmed that Now TV has officially launched today. Existing customers are now able to add the service by accessing their online account and ordering Now TV.

If not currently a Comcast customer then this is one of the big hurdles with Now TV, as the live TV plan is currently only available to those with a subscription to Xfinity Internet. If in need of an internet plan, it is possible to sign up to Xfinity Internet and Now TV at the same time.

Once signed up to Now TV, the live TV service can then be accessed via the Xfinity Stream app on Xfinity Flex or by downloading the app on an Android, iPhone, or Fire TV device. It is also possible to access Now TV via the Xfinity Stream web portal as well.

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