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Canela.TV Added To Vizio’s WatchFree+ Streaming Service


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Canela.TV has now been added to the WatchFree+ streaming service, providing Vizio smart TV owners with another live channel to watch for free. Canela.TV offers access to Spanish-language content and is already available on a variety of devices and platforms. In fact, the Canela.TV app was originally added to Vizio’s SmartCast platform back in March 2021.

WatchFree+ is a totally free service that’s currently only available on the SmartCast platform. In addition to a selection of on-demand videos that are available to watch at any time, WatchFree+ also includes a number of live channels as well.

The latest addition to that channel lineup is now Canela.TV. The news was announced by Canela Media, confirming that the free channel is now available on millions of Vizio Smart TVs. According to the announcement, SmartCast TV users now have access to more than 10,000 hours of Canela.TV content, including comedies and docuseries as well as drama and action movies. Vizio smart TV owners interested in seeing what the latest channel has to offer will find Canela.TV available on channel 858 of the WatchFree+ programming guide. Alternatively, they can check the on-demand section for any Canela.TV movies and shows that are available to stream at any time.

WatchFree+ has been on a steady growth path in 2022. Earlier in December, Vizio officially launched its Winter Watchland collection, making it easier for SmartCast TV users to find and watch a variety of holiday-themed movies, shows, and exclusives. In addition, November saw the Fox Weather Channel added to the lineup, along with a new redesign of the WatchFree+ experience in general. Even earlier in the year, Vizio added four Scripps Networks channels to WatchFree+.

As a result of these and other changes over the past year, Vizio’s WatchFree+ service now offers SmartCast users access to more than 260 channels, including Canela.TV, and 6,000 on-demand titles, and all at no additional cost.

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