Chromecast HD vs Onn Streaming Box: Best Budget Google TV Player?

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If you’re looking for a new streaming player, the Chromecast with Google TV HD and the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box are two of the cheapest options around. But which one is best?


The Chromecast with Google TV is the newest Chromecast from the house of Google. Priced at $29.99, the Chromecast with Google TV HD is an extremely cheap streaming player that offers good value overall.

The Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box is a new streaming player from Walmart. Priced at just $19.88, the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box is even cheaper than the Chromecast with Google TV HD and cheaper than most streaming players in general.


Onn Streaming Box vs Chromecast HD spec comparison

Below is an overview of the specs of both devices.

Model numberGA03131-US28078468
OSGoogle TVGoogle TV
VideoUp to 1080p HDRUp to 4K Ultra HD
AudioDolby Atmos via HDMI pass-throughDolby Audio
Storage8GB8 GB
CPUARM Cortex-35ARM Cortex-35
Wi-FiWi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4GHz/5GHz)802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO (2.4/5GHz)
Length6.4 in3.94 in
Width:2.4 in1.97 in
Height:0.5 in6.42 in
Google StoreWalmart

On paper, the Onn Streaming Box is the more powerful of the two devices. Not only does it come with 4K support, but it is also loaded with slightly more memory and the same CPU.

Walmart’s streaming box is better for 4K

For those that want the highest resolution possible then this is an easy win for Walmart’s Onn Streaming Box. As the name suggests, the Chromecast with Google TV HD is limited to just HD and this is one of the reasons why Google is able to sell it as cheap as it does.

Chromecast with Google TV HD player
Image: Streaming Better

In spite of being even cheaper, Walmart has managed to load the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box with 4K support. While this is fairly basic 4K support, it is still 4K.

Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box connected
Image: Streaming Better

For reference, there is also a Chromecast with Google TV 4K model available, which boosts the resolution support up to 4K. However, the 4K Chromecast costs $49.99 making it more than twice as much as Walmart’s Onn Streaming Box.

Chromecast is better for build quality

After reviewing both devices, the Chromecast with Google TV HD offers a better build quality and I would expect it to prove more durable over time.

While it is difficult to really predict the long-term durability of a device, the Chromecast just feels like it is built better. What that means exactly is hard to define, but if you hold the two at the same time then it is clear that one feels more premium than the other.


The Chromecast HD chassis is pretty much identical to the more expensive $50 Chromecast 4K. With that in mind, Google sells plenty of units with this exact design for $50.

Chromecast with Google TV HD and 4K
Chromecast HD (white) and 4K (blue) / Image: Streaming Better

In comparison, the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box is a very basic plastic box and feels like it costs $20 or thereabouts.

Onn Google TV rear
Image: Streaming Better

Both remotes have their selling points

If the remote might prove to be a deciding factor, then this might be one area where you’ll definitely want to check the two devices out in person, as it is a trade-off between design and function.

Similar to the actual streaming player, the remote bundled with the Chromecast with Google TV HD feels more premium. Its design is more thoughtful, with a shape that feels great when held. Likewise, it has just enough buttons to take care of all the essentials.

Chromecast Google TV HD remote
Image: Streaming Better

While the remote bundled with the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box isn’t as premium, it does offer more functionality. Additional buttons on the Onn remote include channel up/down controls, and Disney Plus and Paramount Plus shortcuts.

Onn Google TV remote
Image: Streaming Better

Which is the best budget Google TV player?

You may have noticed that we haven’t commented on the user experience at all in this comparison and that’s intentional. Both of these streaming players run on Google TV, and even though there are slight differences, the user experience is largely identical.

Due to this, choosing between the Chromecast with Google TV HD and the Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box comes down to whether you are more interested in having 4K support or a more premium device.

If the highest resolution matters, go with Walmart’s Onn Streaming Box. Otherwise, the Chromecast with Google TV HD might be the better option for a few bucks more.

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