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Cineverse FAST Channels Coming To Universities, Hospitals and Cruise Ships


Cineverse streaming service

Cineverse has announced a new deal with Criterion Pictures that will see some of the company’s FAST and AVOD channels becoming available in universities, hospitals, cruise ships, and other non-theatrical markets.

Cineverse, previously known as Cinedigm, has been on somewhat of an expansion spree of late. After launching its flagship Cineverse streaming service late last year, the company has expanded the lineup further, and added new features and options, including the ability to rent movies.

Cineverse has also been doing various distribution deals with third-parties. One of the most recent was a deal with TCL to provide FAST channels and content to TCL’s new TCLtv+ service. TCLtv+ offers access to more than 200 FAST channels in total.

Now, in a deal with Criterion Pictures, Cineverse is bringing FAST channels and content to a variety of non-theatrical markets. Criterion Pictures is a non-theatrical distributor of feature films to various markets in North America, including education, healthcare, and correctional services.

According to the new agreement, Criterion Pictures will also now distribute a number of Cineverse FAST and AVOD channels to many of these non-theatrical markets, including universities, hospitals, libraries, cruise ships, and more.

We look forward to expanding our footprint and growing audiences for our channels and there’s no better partner in the non-theatrical space than Criterion,” said Marc Rashba, EVP of Global Partnerships, Cineverse. “Through our commercial expansion strategy, we are able to work closely with our internal content teams and partners like Criterion to engage new audiences beyond the current scope of our FAST and AVOD services.”

While Cineverse has not mentioned which channels, or how many, are included in this deal, it did specify that they are popular Cineverse channels in general.

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