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TCL TVs Getting Big FAST Content Injection, Thanks To Cineverse And Xumo Deals


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TCL TVs look set to get a major free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) content upgrade following new agreements with both Xumo and Cineverse. While both announcements were made separately, it seems as though they are part of a wider content refresh that’s currently taking place at TCL.

Better known as a free streaming service and app, Xumo has been on its own rebrand of late. Evolved out of the service that Comcast purchased in 2020, the new version of Xumo is jointly-owned by Comcast and Charter and aims to be an ‘entertainment ecosystem’ made up of devices and content.

In an interview with Fierce Video earlier this week, Xumo Chief Revenue Officer Colin Petrie-Norris confirmed that Xumo will be adding 55 FAST channels to TCL TVs in the U.S. and North America.

One of the additional reveals from the interview was that TCL is planning more of a wider refresh of its free content. Specifically, the name of the TCL Channel app on the company’s TVs will change and bee refreshed later this summer. The new Xumo FAST channels are expected to be added to TCL TVs as part of that app rebrand and refresh.

Following that confirmation from Xumo, Cineverse today made its own announcement, confirming that the company has also struck a deal with TCL. According to Cineverse, its proprietary Matchpoint technology platform will provide content services for new TCL TVs in North America. As part of the agreement, Cineverse’s full portfolio of FAST channels will be available to TCL users.

Cineverse doesn’t specifically reference the rebrand that Xumo did, but the announcement did state that “Cineverse will be one of a select few, content aggregators to provide key ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) programming as well as provide key content aggregation services.”

While unconfirmed, this does sound a lot like Cineverse is referencing the same app rebrand and relaunch that’s said to be taking place later in the summer. Not to mention, the “select few” message relayed by Cineverse suggests that Cineverse and Xumo probably won’t be the only ones making a TCL agreement announcement in the near future.

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