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Comcast and Charter Launch Xumo Stream Box For Spectrum Customers

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The Xumo Stream Box is the latest Xumo device to hit the market. While most streaming players are readily available to buy, the Xumo Stream Box is currently designed for use by Spectrum (and Xfinity in the future) customers.

Late last year, Comcast and Charter announced the launch of their new unified Xumo platform, confirming a range of hardware products would launch in association with the brand. Since then, some have launched, including Element Xumo TVs, and even more recently, Pioneer Xumo TVs.

One of the continually advertised selling points with Xumo hardware is the operating system, which is designed to provide a simpler user experience. The Xumo Stream Box is no different in this respect, as it is also designed to make the user experience easier, according to Comcast and Charter.

Xumo is streamlined, bringing a live TV experience together with all the top apps,” said Rich DiGeronimo, President, Product and Technology for Charter. “With Xumo Stream Box, customers have endless entertainment options simplified, with aggregated search across apps and curated content offerings based on the customer’s interests and subscriptions, which will be even more powerful as direct-to-consumer apps are included with Spectrum service.”

Similar to other streaming players designed specifically for pay-TV customers, the new Xumo Stream Box plays very nicely with Comcast and Charter services. For example, the player launches Spectrum TV, Xfinity Stream or Xumo Play on startup, depending on which service the user is a customer of.

In addition to Comcast and Charter services, the Stream Box is capable of downloading many third-party apps, including Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Peacock, Pluto, Prime Video, and Tubi, among others.

Here’s a full rundown of the advertised features:

  • Leading with live: Upon startup, customers will see live video playing from the device’s primary video service app such as Spectrum TV, Xfinity Stream or Xumo Play. Additionally, a built-in channel guide makes browsing through subscribed channels a seamless part of the Entertainment OS experience.
  • Hundreds of built-in apps: Xumo Stream Box comes with the ability to access hundreds of subscription-based and ad-supported streaming apps, including Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Peacock, Pluto, Prime Video, Tubi, Xumo Play and more.
  • Seamless browsing: A curated, content-forward viewing experience that blends AI-driven personalization and human-led editorial recommendations to help customers find something to watch without having to jump in and out of apps.
  • Universal voice search: Emmy-award winning voice technology allows customers to discover content quickly from available apps and services with a simple voice command into the remote.
  • Favorite lists for every member of the household: With My List, customers can create multiple lists of their favorite shows and movies – regardless of where that content lives or how it’s delivered (live or on-demand) – giving every member of the family a personalized destination to quickly jump into what they want to watch next.

Again, the Xumo Stream Box is currently designed for use by Spectrum customers, and those signing up for Spectrum TV can expect to get a Xumo Stream Box for free for the first year. After which, they will need to pay a service fee. Additional Xumo Stream Box devices are also available to purchase at $59.99 each.

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