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Comet Fest Is A Star Trek Fandom Event You Can Stream In June


Comet Fest

The free television channel Comet has announced it will be hosting Comet Fest in June, a three-day event where Star Trek fans can watch classic movies and additional behind the scenes content.

Comet is actually one the channels that’s owned by Sinclair Television Group, which in turn, is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Unlike some of the other channels owned by Sinclair, Comet is a free-to-stream channel, although Sling TV and YouTube TV subscribers will also find they have access to Comet as part of their paid live TV plan.

No matter how you access Comet, the channel will be hosting its first-ever Comet Fest fandom event over the June 16th – 18th weekend. According to Comet, Star trek fans can expect 32 hours of Star Trek movies and documentaries, including the live-streaming of the first four Star Trek movies. The back-to-back telecasts of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan will begin at 7pm ET on Friday June 16th.

Other notable programming includes The William Shatner Conversation, an exclusive one-on-one interview with William Shatner, and The Captain’s Closeup, a five-episode docuseries that’s not only directed and hosted by William Shatner, but also features one-on-one interviews with other famous Star Trek series captains.

There will be some additional digital content experiences available on the network’s website and social feeds. According to Comet, these experiences will include a Cosplay contest, sweepstakes, and Star Trek trivia games.

As mentioned, Comet Fest ‘23 will be available to watch with a live TV package that includes Comet, or for free through any of the network’s connected TV apps. For reference, it is also always possible to watch Comet live on the Comet website on any device with access to a supported browser.

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