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DirecTV Confirms Connectivity And Freezing Issues Affecting Some Gemini Devices


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DirecTV has confirmed that some Gemini devices are currently suffering from connectivity and freezing Issues. As the company is aware of the problem, it is also working on a fix. In the meantime, DirecTV recommends trying a factory reset to see if that solves the issue.

While it remains unclear when exactly the problem first surfaced, DirecTV first commented on the problem yesterday. Since then, the company has sent out updated posts on X and on Reddit to confirm that “some Gemini devices are having network connectivity issues and freezing on the loading screen.”

In the same posts, DirecTV confirms that it is currently working on a solution for the problem, although no mention on when a fix might be available has been provided yet.

For those that continue to experience the issue, DirecTV has suggested performing a factory reset on the Gemini device by holding the reset button for 20 seconds.

While we have seen multiple user reports confirming that the factory reset method does resolve the problem, it is worth keeping in mind that a reset will completely restore the device back to its factory settings. As a result, DirecTV subscribers will need to enter their login details again. Not to mention, reinstall all of their apps and services again as well.

DirecTV also notes that some devices may require multiple resets, so the same method may need to be performed more than once on the same device to clear the issue.

As mentioned, DirecTV does say it is working on more of a permanent solution, so those not wanting to factory reset their device can wait until a widespread fix rolls out to all impacted Gemini devices.

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