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DirecTV Adds New 4K Live Channels (105 & 106) To Gemini and Roku Devices


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DirecTV has now added two new DirecTV 4K Live channels to the live guide. While the new channels are now visible in the Guide section, some subscribers may have to wait until they can watch something in 4K on either of these channels.

Most of the DirecTV 4K talk of late has been around Channel 104, as it has slowly been rolling out to various devices over the past few weeks. The latest was Fire TV devices, which gained support for Channel 104 at the end of last month.

However, we have always known that additional DirecTV 4K channels would be coming, and it now looks like two more have started the process of rolling out to devices. LIVE4K (Channel 105) and LIVE4K2 (Channel 106) are now starting to show up in the Guide on compatible devices.

While Channel 104 is advertised as a general 4K channel, featuring shows, original series, documentaries, and so on, both Channel 105 and Channel 106 are dedicated to “live sporting events.” As a result, DirecTV and DirecTV Stream subscribers can expect to find access to a number of games and matches in 4K on these channels.

Of course, as these channels are designed to show live content in 4K, when an individual subscriber has access to content on these channels will somewhat depend on their location, and which sports events are currently due to be shown in that location.

In terms of the rolling out, as far as Streaming Better understands support for Channel 105 and 106 has initially rolled out to Gemini and Roku devices. However, support is also expected to eventually roll out to Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices as well.

If the rolling out of Channel 105 and 106 follows a similar pattern to Channel 104, then DirecTV via Internet and DirecTV Stream subscribers can expect the two new DirecTV 4K Live channels to be added to Apple TV players, followed by Fire TV devices, and then Android TV devices.

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