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DirecTV Reportedly Unhappy With Warner Bros. Discovery Adding More CNN To Max


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DirecTV has reportedly warned Warner Bros. Discovery that it risks violating its carriage contract by adding more CNN content to its Max streaming service.

Last month, Warner Bros. Discovery launched its new CNN Max service. Unlike the even newer Bleacher Report Sports Add-On that goes live later this week, CNN on Max is available at no additional cost to subscribers. While Max already offered some CNN content, the new service includes a 24/7 live feed from CNN.

According to a report by The New York Times, citing “two people briefed on the exchange,” DirecTV has warned that the availability of live news through the new CNN Max service could violate its carriage agreement. With DirecTV being a live TV provider, it offers consumers access to a variety of live channels, including CNN, for a monthly fee which is often determined by its own carriage costs.

While the CNN Max live channel is not exactly the same as the traditional CNN linear channel, there is an overlap in terms of content in general. It would seem this overlap is what DirecTV is most concerned about.

While it remains to be seen whether the reported complaint will evolve into an actual dispute, it would seem likely that other live TV providers who pay carriage fees for CNN might feel the same as DirecTV reportedly does. Not to mention, the launch of the new sports-focused Bleacher Report Sports Add-On later this week could further exacerbate tensions with live TV services.

Max’s new Bleacher Report Sports Add-On makes it possible to watch live sports from TNT, TBS and TruTV. In other words, live sports from these networks without the need for a live TV package that carries these networks.

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