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DirecTV Stream Offering ‘$10 Off For 12 Months’ Deal (Requires Device Purchase)


DirecTV Stream on DirecTV Stream Device

DirecTV Stream is now offering a new deal which takes $10 off the cost of one of its live TV plans each month for 12 months. However, the offer does require the subscriber to also purchase its DirecTV Stream Device streaming player. Considering this player costs an additional $10 per month, it is better to think of this deal as getting a free streaming player rather than the “$10 Off for 12 Months” or the “save $120 over your first year” promotion it is advertised as.

DirecTV Stream is far from being the cheapest option for live TV streaming, and its prices are about to increase once again. Starting from Jan. 22, the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan will cost a minimum of $74.99 per month. For those wanting a richer selection of channels, the minimum cost of DirecTV Stream’s base plans will be as high as $154.99 per month following the price increase.

Just before that price change kicks in, DirecTV Stream is offering new customers the option to save $10 each month for the first 12 months. Resulting in $120 over the course of the year, this deal does require the new user to also purchase the service’s DirecTV Stream Device. This is a streaming player that’s specifically designed for DirecTV Stream although it is possible to download other apps on the device as well.

For reference, the DirecTV Stream Device costs $120 when purchased outright or $10 if paying monthly. Considering this latest promotion requires the purchase of this device, the new consumer won’t actually be saving anything on the cost of their live TV plan. Instead, they will be saving on the cost of the device. For example, if signing up to the $69.99 per month Entertainment plan and adding the $10 per month DirecTV Stream Device, the cost through this promotion works out to be $69.99 per month.

DirecTV Stream $10 off deal
DirecTV Stream’s $10 off deal

As mentioned, the cost of DirecTV Stream’s plans are increasing next month, so the price will rise accordingly. For example, the $69.99 Entertainment plan will cost $74.99 per month, even after the $10 off promotion is applied.

For homes that really need a new streaming player, and are specifically interested in sticking with DirecTV Stream, then this might be a promotion worth considering. For everyone else, however, it is not really the best of deals. Yes, you do get a free streaming player, but that’s only if you stay subscribed for the entire year.

It is possible to purchase other streaming players at a cheaper price than the DirecTV Stream Device, including ones that work with DirecTV Stream. In fact, DirecTV Stream is also selling ‘Certified Restored’ DirecTV Stream Device players for $49.99 each. While opting for one of these cheaper devices won’t work out to be as cheap as a free DirecTV Stream Device, they won’t require the subscriber to retain the subscription for 12 months to actually get the full deal.

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