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Can You Watch DirecTV Stream In Different Locations?

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DirecTV Stream is not a great option for watching live TV in different locations as it is primarily designed to be a one-home service. In an attempt to ensure the service is only used in one location at a time, DirecTV Stream does add a few restrictions. In fairness, these limitations are not that different from other live TV streaming services.

DirecTV Stream is not the cheapest live TV service around, but the channel selection is one which may make it more suitable for some individuals and households. However, the channel lineup is only one of the factors to take into consideration before signing up to a service like DirecTV Stream, with the number of simultaneous streams, the cloud DVR and the number of hours, as well as the ability to use in different locations all important aspects as well.

DirecTV Stream does not typically allow subscribers to use the service in multiple locations. Similar to other live TV streaming services, a Home network is used to determine location and access, and this is typically set when signing up through the DirecTV Stream website or one of the apps. When connected to the Home network, subscribers are provided with unlimited access to the service. When away from home, however, there are a number of limitations including how many streams at the same time, and even which devices can be used. The only way around the Home network limitation is to change the Home network, but this won’t really solve the multiple locations problem.

Using DirecTV stream in different locations

Limitations like a Home network make watching DirecTV Stream in multiple locations near impossible, regardless of whether watching at the same time or not. While the Home network can be changed from one location to another, this will disable the previous Home location, resulting in anyone attempting to access the service in the original location being reduced to a maximum of three simultaneous streams and watching on a mobile device.

As only one home location can be set at a given time, DirecTV Stream is designed to be a one-home service. As a result, the service rules out the use of many devices that are primarily used in the home, including smart TVs and streaming players. Subscribers may find that some devices bypass this restriction, but this will likely be a ‘miles may vary’ situation. For example, DirecTV Stream does suggest that stick-based devices, like a Fire TV Stick, may work when connected to a TV outside of the Home network. At the same time, using devices that connect to a TV will further impact on the number of away-from-home streams. As DirecTV explains:

“Only two streaming devices connected to a TV can be accessed out of the home. For example: one DIRECTV STREAM device and one Firestick.”

DirecTV Stream

In theory, this seems to somewhat contradict the suggestion that home devices cannot be used outside of the home. So while it is near impossible to use DirecTV Stream in different locations, some may find certain configurations might work. Even then, it will be far from ideal, and subscribers will still need to keep in mind the reduced simultaneous streams allowance.

DirecTV Stream different locations summary

DirecTV Stream is designed to be used in one home location and requires a Home network to be established when setting up the service. With the designated Home network affecting the type and number of devices that can access the service, DirecTV Stream is not really a service that can be used in multiple locations at the same time. There may be some configurations that do make it possible to use the service in different locations, but the fewer number of simultaneous streams could still prove to be a problem.

DirecTV Stream does allow subscribers to change their Home network and this then allows the service to be used in a different location. However, this change can only be made a limited number of times each year, and each time the Home network is changed, additional limitations are imposed on the original location. Although this might prove disappointing to those looking to watch DirecTV Stream in multiple locations, other live TV streaming services tend to impose similar restrictions on location.

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Are you talking about the same service?
This site appears to directly contradict what you’ve posted [Link Removed]
Please don’t take my tone as rude just confused as all.

I have no problem using Directv Stream while away from home. I can use various (Roku or FireStick or Directv Stream) for connection to a TV while away from home without any issues. A third stream remains available for a mobile app. The only difference is the local national networks replace the home national networks. While on my home network 20 streams are available, which allows plenty of flexibiltiy to provide service to all TVs in the home. No other service I have found allows anything close to this flexibiltiy and pretty much eliminates the entire issue of changing your home location. All programming and dvr recordings are also available on the mobile app while traveling with the exception of some sports blackouts based upon location.

this article seems erroneous. I have no issues using my fire stick at various locations without changing anything. I have been happy with directtv stream, it’s price point, features and channel selection. it was about the only service I found with history channel, bally sports and local channels. also unlimited dvr service is great! I take my fire stick everywhere.

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