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DirecTV Stream Local Channels & RSNs: How To Check Before Signing Up

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DirecTV Stream provides access to local channels and it is one of the better options overall for streaming locals. Although it is possible to access some locals for free using over-the-air equipment, it has become increasingly harder to watch local channels with a streaming service. When it comes to DirecTV Stream, however, access to locals is one of the main benefits of signing up.


That said, that doesn’t mean every DirecTV Stream plan provides access to the same level. For example, if wanting access to regional sports networks, then the consumer or household will need to pay for one of the more expensive DirecTV Stream plans. For standard locals, things are pretty good, even with DirecTV Stream’s cheapest plan.

No matter which of the live TV plans a household sign up to with DirecTV Stream, they can expect access to the most popular local channels in the United States. In other words, households get access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS, and Telemundo from as little as $74.99 per month. The Entertainment plan is the cheapest live TV subscription that DirecTV Stream offers and includes all of the same locals as the more expensive plans.


As local channels are strictly dependent on the actual location of the subscriber, the exact locals and affiliates a home will get varies. Furthermore, it is possible that some homes may not get access to all of their locals even though they are included with the plan. By visiting the DirecTV Stream website and typing in the ZIP code where the service will be primarily used, the user can check exactly which local channels, including affiliates, they will get before having to sign up and pay for a subscription.

As an example of the process, below are the results when searching for local channels available when signing up from the 11237 Brooklyn, New York ZIP code.


If just looking for access to local channels like ABC and Fox, then any of the DirecTV Stream plans are likely to work. However, if also wanting access to local sports then things start to get a little more complicated.


RSNs Cost More With DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream doesn’t offer regional sports networks with its cheapest Entertainment plan. Instead, consumers will need to opt for DirecTV Stream’s more expensive Choice, Ultimate or Premier plan to gain access to RSNs. Essentially, this makes DirecTV Stream’s $99.99 per month Choice plan the cheapest option for those wanting access to local channels and regional sports networks.

Similar to the situation with locals in general, RSNs completely depend on the location of the subscriber and the area designated as the subscriber’s home area. Again, the same DirecTV Stream page can be used to see exactly which regional sports networks are available before signing up. Simply click on the Regional Sports & Local tab, enter the ZIP code for the home where the subscription will be registered to, and click on Search. The consumer will then be presented with a full list of the available local networks including any available RSNs and which teams each one provides access to.

As another example of the process, below are the results when searching for regional sports networks available when signing up from the 90034 Los Angeles, California ZIP code.

Bally Sports SoCalClippers, Ducks
Bally Sports WestAngels, Kings
Spectrum SportsNetLA Galaxy, Lakers
SportsNet LADodgers

Local channels on DirecTV Stream summary

DirecTV Stream is one of the better options when it comes to streaming local live TV channels but the added support does come at a price considering DirecTV Stream is not exactly the cheapest service around. As a result, consumers will be looking at spending a minimum of $74.99 to access ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and Telemundo through DirecTV Stream. It does matter which DirecTV Stream plan a household signs up to, as all of the plans come with access to the same local channels.

The same is not the case with RSNs, however. DirecTV Stream uses RSNs as one of the defining differences between its cheapest plan and the others. This means those opting for the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan won’t gain access to any of their regional sports networks. This also means that the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan with access to locals and RSNs costs a minimum of $99.99 per month.

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