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DirecTV Stream Might Start Offering Sports In 4K As Early As This Weekend


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While not confirmed, it is possible that DirecTV Stream might start adding 4K content as early as this week, beginning with live sports. Previously, it had been reported that both DirecTV Stream and DirecTV via Internet would get access to 4K content, although it has remained unclear when exactly the support would go live.

Now, however, some existing subscribers are starting to notice changes that seem to suggest 4K support might be coming very soon. For example, a DirecTV forum user has spotted June 23rd’s LA Dodgers game against the Houston Astros as listed as being available in 4K.

Since then, another user has replied to the same post suggesting that a game scheduled for June 18 is also now listed as available in 4K. While this user didn’t specify whether it was another LA Dodgers game, if it is, that would be when the Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants on Sunday.

For reference, LA Dodgers games are available to watch through DirecTV Stream on Spectrum SportsNet LA (channel 690) for those in the LA area. This channel does require a minimum of DirecTV Stream’s Choice package, which is currently priced at $99.99 per month.

The user who first noted the 4K availability of the June 23 Dodgers game did confirm in the same forum post that they are signed up to Choice. They also noted that they are not using any specific DirecTV hardware, such as the new Genie Air streaming player.

While it currently remains unclear if other games or programs over the next week are also due to be available in 4K, it is possible. It is also possible that DirecTV Stream might just be using certain games and programs to test 4K out before making it more widely available.

As noted by another user who replied to the same forum post, DirecTV does explain in a help post that channel 104 (24/7 channel featuring shows, original series and documentaries), channel 105 (live sporting events), and channel 106 (also live sporting events) are 4K Ultra HD channels for DirecTV Stream.

This is in addition to other 4K content that’s set to be available on channel 107 (pay-per-view movies), channel 108 (also pay-per-view movies) and channel 1104 (4K On Demand).

In a recent Reddit post on the same topic, another user noted that a Red Sox pre-game scheduled to record was listed as available in 4K on the LIVE4K channel (channel 105). A DirecTV Stream representative did reply to this thread to explain that the service “automatically detects if your system can play our 4K UHD content and doesn’t offer it if your system does not support it.

The same reply also confirmed that “the LIVE4K channel offers occasional live sporting events and is coming soon on DIRECTV STREAM.”

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