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DirecTV Gemini Air Update Adds Apple TV App


DirecTV Stream Gemini Air device

DirecTV’s Gemini Air has received an update which, among other things, adds the Apple TV app to the streaming player. The lack of support for the app is something that some early beta testers had taken issue with.

While still unavailable to buy, DirecTV has been gifting Gemini Air units to existing subscribers to help beta test the product. As it is a new device in general, and one that’s still in a testing phase, there is the possibility that support issues could surface.

That’s exactly what happened with Apple TV. While DirecTV announced Apple TV support for its DirecTV Stream Device at the end of March, the Gemini Air launched just one week later without any support for Apple’s app.

The latest update, however, has now fixed that problem. Users that have already received the update have confirmed that support for the Apple TV app is added after the update is applied.

Considering the Apple TV app is the only way to access content available with an Apple TV Plus subscription, this will be good news for any homes that are using the Gemini Air and subscribed to both DirecTV Stream and Apple TV Plus.

It would seem that the update also now redirects users to the Max app instead of HBO Max, following the recent rebrand from HBO Max to Max. Gemini and Osprey boxes come with a pre-loaded version of the Max app, and following the update, channel 500 now redirects users to the new Max app as intended.

It is only channel 500 that’s affected here, so Gemini Air users should still be able to access the various HBO linear channels on channels 501 – 511, as normal.

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