Here’s DirecTV Stream’s New Gemini Air Streaming Player

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DirecTV Stream has a new device on the way called the Gemini Air. Unlike the existing DirecTV Stream Device (often referred to as an ‘Osprey box’), the Gemini Air is a ‘stick’ type of streaming player that seems more similar in shape and design to Google’s Chromecast with Google TV or Dish’s AirTV Mini than Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Roku’s Streaming Stick.

While it currently remains unclear when DirecTV Stream subscribers will be able to buy the new player, it is currently in the process of being sent out to select users as part of a pilot program. As detailed on Reddit, multiple DirecTV Stream subscribers have received emails today advising them of the test and inviting them to take part in the pilot program.

DirecTV Stream Gemini Air invite
Image: u/alainreid / Reddit

According to the information that’s been shared, the pilot program became available today (April 3rd) and pilot devices are due to begin shipping out on April 10th. While subscribers shouldn’t export a difference in the general experience or the interface, they can apparently expect improved Wi-Fi and setup compared to the standard Gemini player.

For reference, the first-generation Gemini player is a version of the DirecTV Stream Device that’s been specifically customized for satellite customers. Basically, DirecTV customers get a Gemini player while DirecTV Stream customers get an Osprey device.

In spite of the Gemini brand being largely marketed towards satellite customers in the past, it seems as though the new Gemini Air will also be available to DirecTV Stream customers as well. Of course, it may not actually be labeled as Gemini Air when it is released. Based on the existing DirecTV Stream player, Gemini Air could launch as DirecTV Stream Air or something similar.

Then again, the company may just decide to use the same name for the new device for both DirecTV and DirecTV Stream customers. While DirecTV has recently filed a trademark for Gemini Air, as well as many other Gemini-related marks, it doesn’t appear to have filed one for ‘DirecTV Stream Air’ or anything similar.

Regardless of the branding, and as Gemini Air is designed to be a more compact version of the existing DirecTV Stream Device, it should be expected that it will also be a cheaper streaming player as well.

In the meantime, DirecTV Stream is still running a promotion which reduces the cost of its live TV packages by $10 per month when purchasing the DirecTV Stream Device. The promotion essentially results in a free DirecTV Stream Device for those that remain subscribed for the full twelve months.

However, if a new, and presumably better, device is close to release, it may not be worth taking DirecTV Stream up on its current DirecTV Stream Device promotion.

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