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DirecTV Stream’s ‘Save $30 Over 3 Months’ Deal Is Back Again


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If you’ve been considering signing up to DirecTV Stream, now is as good a time as any considering DirecTV is offering the option to save $30 over the course of the first three months.

Compared to other live TV streaming services, DirecTV Stream is one of the more expensive options. The cheapest plan DirecTV Stream offers is the Entertainment package, priced at $74.99 a month. Upgrading to Choice or higher will increase the monthly cost to a minimum of $99.99.

Right now, however, it is possible to sign up and save $30 over the first three months. DirecTV Stream has offered this same deal in the past and it basically reduces the monthly price by $10 for each of the first three months. So even if you only stay subscribed for one month, you can still save $10.

For example, if signing up for Entertainment, the new subscriber will only pay $64.99 a month (instead of $74.99/month) for three months. The same discount reduces the price of Choice down to $89.99 a month, Ultimate to $99.99 a month, and Premier to $144.99 a month.

DirecTV Stream
Directv stream live guide$80+
75+ channels
20 streams (at home)
Unlimited DVR
5 Days Free

There’s no special coupon needed to take advantage of this promotion as it is being actively advertised on the website, with the discount automatically applied after selecting one of the plans.

As to be expected, this promotion is only open to new customers and cannot be used by anyone looking to switch from DirecTV or U-verse to DirecTV Stream. In addition, only returning customers that have not been a subscriber within the past 12 months can take advantage of the offer.

One of the benefits of DirecTV Stream’s promotions is that some of them can be used together. For example, not only can new subscribers take advantage of a free trial and still save $10 a month for three months, but they can also get Cinemax, Max, MGM+, Showtime and Starz for free for three months as well.

It should be kept in mind that any add-ons that are bundled when signing up will all automatically renew at their usual, higher rates at the end of their discounted period. In other words, if adding all of these premium networks, the price for the fourth month would be significantly higher, unless they are removed before.

The same goes for the base plan, with subscribers needing to manually cancel their DirecTV Stream subscription before the end of the third month, if they want to avoid being billed the higher rate once the ‘$30 off 3 months’ discount comes to an end.

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