DirecTV Stream Subscribers Can Add Peacock Premium For $3 Per Month

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DirecTV Stream customers are now able to add a Peacock Premium subscription to their live TV package for an additional $2.99 per month. In addition to the lower than usual monthly price, there are other benefits to bundling services together, including only having to manage one main monthly bill.


Peacock is available in three different flavors. For those just wanting to test the service out with access to a limited selection of videos, Peacock is actually free. Unlike a free trial, the free version of Peacock is indefinite or until the user upgrades to a paid plan. Speaking of which, there are two Paid plans to choose from, Premium ($4.99 per month) and Premium Plus ($9.99 per month).

Starting today, DirecTV Stream subscribers are able to add the standard Premium plan to their live TV package at the discounted rate of $2.99 per month. Considering Premium usually costs $4.99 per month, this works out to be a saving of around 40% each month. Existing DirecTV Stream subscribers can add Peacock Premium to their plan by logging in to the DirecTV Stream website, navigating to the Manage My TV Package section of the account settings, and then selecting Peacock under Premium Networks.


For those wanting an ad-free Peacock viewing experience, DirecTV Stream is currently not offering any discounts on the $9.99 per month rate. Once the Premium plan has been added to one of DirecTV Stream’s live TV packages, the subscriber will immediately gain access to the Peacock Premium catalog. They will then also only receive the one bill going forward, which includes both DirecTV Stream and Peacock monthly charges.

For reference, this also does mean that, if and when the time comes, the Peacock subscription will need to be canceled through DirecTV Stream (under the same Manage My TV Package section) instead of directly through Peacock.

Whether it is worth adding Peacock Premium to a DirecTV Stream package depends on the home. For those wanting to streamline billing by cutting down on the number of separate apps and subscriptions they need to manage, bundling Peacock could be worth it. If simply wanting to save on the price, Peacock also typically offers various promotions throughout the year which reduce the cost. In some cases, resulting in an even lower price than the $2.99 per month cost through DirecTV Stream.

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