Discovery Plus Military Discount: How Much You Save & How It Works [Discontinued]

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Discovery+ no longer offers a military discount for new subscribers. The option of a military subscription was removed on June 1, 2023. If already receiving a military discount, Discovery+ says you will continue to receive the discount for as long as you are currently an active-duty military, spouse of an active member, reservist, or veteran in the United States or an active-duty military, reservists, or veteran in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Discovery Plus offers military members and their families a discount on the cost of a monthly subscription. In addition to how the military promotion works, it is also worth being aware there are some limitations in place which may affect eligibility for the lower monthly cost. If eligible, however, the special pricing can be a good way to save on a Discovery Plus subscription.

Discovery Plus brings together content from a variety of different networks, making it a good subscription to have, and especially for those interested in the Discovery family of channels. A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month with the option to upgrade to an ad-free streaming experience for $6.99 per month. There are also various ways to save on the monthly cost.

One of those ways is through the military discount. Discovery Plus provides eligible consumers with the option to sign up to the $4.99 per month plan for just $2.99 per month, resulting in a 40 percent saving on the usual cost. The promotion is available to active-duty military, reservists, veterans and their family members. However, there are some caveats and eligibility requirements that will need to be met before being able to sign up to Discovery+ at the lower monthly rate.

How the Discovery Plus military discount works

Potential subscribers will need to verify their status to be eligible for the discount and the verification check takes place during the initial signing up process. Therefore, individuals will first need to head over to the Discovery+ promotion page and click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button. Afterwards, the individual will be directed to a slightly different sign-up page where they can input the information required for the status check.

Discovery Plus uses SheerID, a third-party service to process the verification check and confirm eligibility. This is exactly the same third-party service that’s used for the Discovery Plus student discount. As part of the verification check, the individual will need to provide their full name, email address, date of birth, current military status, and the branch of service. Once the information has been provided, the user just needs to click on the ‘Verify My Military Service’ button to begin the check.

Providing there are no issues with the verification check, the individual will receive a promotional code which can then be entered at After entering the code, they can sign up as normal, even taking advantage of the standard Discovery+ free trial. Once the trial period comes to an end, the subscriber will be charged at the lower rate each month for as long as they remain a subscriber. In some cases, the individual might be required to submit additional information to verify their status.

What to be aware of before signing up

As is the case with any promotion or deal, there are various caveats and limitations to be aware of before signing up. Obviously, the first and most important is the military status of the individual and their ability to verify that status. Officially, Discovery Plus lists the following statuses as eligible for the military discount:

  • Active duty military
  • Veteran
  • Reservist
  • National Guard
  • Military Spouse or other dependent

Even if eligible based on the above criteria, some military members may find there are some additional caveats. For example, if serving abroad and in a country where Discovery+ is not currently available, the individual may not be able to sign up for the promotion. Another caveat to be aware of is that Discovery Plus only offers a military discount on the cheaper, ad-supported plan. If wanting to sign up to the ad-free Discovery Plus plan, the individual will need to consider an alternative promotion to save on the cost. Speaking of which, the military discount also cannot be combined with any other plans or promotions.

There are some other caveats, although these tend to be ones that apply to Discovery+ in general. For example, having access to a compatible streaming player or device, be a minimum of 18 years of age, and have provided a payment method which will then be used to take the payment each month.

Discovery+ military discount summary

Discovery+ provides military members, their spouses and dependents with a discount of 40 percent on the cost of a subscription. The promotion can only be applied to the ad-supported plan, taking the price down from $4.99 per month to $2.99 per month. The lower price does remain in effect for as long as the individual remains subscribed to the service.

Signing up for the military discount requires the individual to provide proof of their status. This is done through a third-party service which performs a basic verification check based on the information provided by the individual. In some cases, additional information might be needed to complete the verification status. Once approved, a promo code will be available and this can be used to sign up for the Discovery Plus military discount.

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