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Disney Launches MyDisney, A Unified Login Experience For Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu And More


MyDisney login screen shown on multiple services including disney+ and Hulu

Disney has now officially launched MyDisney, its new unified login experience for Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu and Disney’s other products and experiences. Disney has been making a number of changes to its streaming services recently, and this one is designed to offer a more seamless login experience across all of its products and services.

Basically, users can now expect to see the same MyDisney login prompt every time they are attempting to log in to a Disney service or website, including Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.

An example of the MyDisney Login experience
MyDisney login example

If already using one of these services, the existing username and password are automatically being migrated to a MyDisney username and password. As part of this migration process, Disney has confirmed that users may be required to update their password the next time they access a password-restricted feature or attempt to login to a MyDisney compatible service.

If currently not subscribed to a Disney service, but sign up to one in the future, the user will be prompted to sign up for a MyDisney username and password. At which point, that username and password can then be used to sign up for any other MyDisney-related service at a later time.

Speaking of which, the MyDisney unified login not only applies to streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu, but also entertainment apps like ABC, FX Now, National Geographic and Freeform. This is all in addition to other Disney websites and experiences, including the Disney Store, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The launch of MyDisney is more than just a new feature — it’s a new era for The Walt Disney Company where convenience meets magic,” Ajay Arora, SVP, Commerce, Growth & Identity for Disney Entertainment & ESPN, said. “By allowing our guests to use one login for everything from Disney+ to Disneyland, we’re not just simplifying the technical side of things; we’re enriching the Disney magic that families know and love.”

If a subscriber is currently using different email addresses for different services, there’s currently no way to merge them through MyDisney. Instead, those subscribers will need to cancel any subscriptions set up with the email address they don’t want to use and resubscribe using the email address they want to use as their MyDisney login.

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