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ESPN8: The Ocho Is ESPN’s First FAST Channel, And You Can Watch It Right Now


ESPN8 The Ocho FAST channel logo

The latest change to take place at the house of ESPN is the launch of a new free, ad-supported streaming television channel. ESPN8: The Ocho is the sports channel’s first-ever FAST channel, and it’s available to watch right now.

Fans of ESPN are likely to already be very familiar with the sports channel’s fondness of The Ocho and the celebration of ‘seldom seen sports.’ After all, ESPN hosts an annual ESPN8: The Ocho day of programming each year, and this typically involves ESPN2 being rebranded as The Ocho.

Now, ESPN8: The Ocho has got its own channel and, in keeping with everything The Ocho, the new FAST channel is home to a variety of seldom seen sports that are available to stream twenty-four hours a day.

For those with access to the ABC app, ESPN8: The Ocho is available to stream as a FAST channel directly within the app. For those without the app, it can be downloaded on a variety of devices, including on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

Alternatively, the new ESPN8: The Ocho FAST channel can also be streamed directly through the ABC website.

Regardless of whether opting to go through the app or website, it is worth noting there are other FAST channels available to watch for free as well. For example, ABC News Live, 20/20, and General Hospital Spotlight, among many others.

If completely new to the world of ESPN8: The Ocho in general, you should know that the new FAST channel is designed to be a very different offering to the standard ESPN channel. To put the sports coverage difference into perspective, you should expect access to kickball, axe throwing, cornhole, dog surfing, wiffleball, stone skipping, foosball, pillow fighting, and table hockey, among other seldom seen sports. You have been warned.

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