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Expect Max’s Password Sharing Crackdown To Be Very Similar To Netflix’s Crackdown

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Max is expected to begin cracking down on password sharing later this year, and according to a new report from Bloomberg, Warner Bros. Discovery’s approach to password sharing is likely to look a lot like the current approach by Netflix, including the ability to add extra members for a fee.

Password sharing has become somewhat of a theme following Netflix’s decision to limit who can access the service and from where. In spite of the added restrictions and Extra Member fee, Netflix has seen rapid subscriber growth since introducing the new measures, so it’s not surprising that companies like Disney+ and Max are understood to now be working on their own solutions.

In terms of Max, Bloomberg suggests the streaming service will also offer the option to add additional members to an existing account, making it possible for those that don’t live with the account holder to still access the service. While there was no firm word on the price, the report suggests the ‘extra member’ cost will be lower than the price of the ‘With Ads’ Max tier – currently $9.99 a month.

Once a new account is added, the out-of-home user will have access to their own sub-account, including their own login name and password, allowing it to act like a fully functional standalone subscription. Also similar to Netflix, it looks like those currently sharing an account will be able to port their profile out to their own (extra member) subscription without losing access to their viewing history.

For Max users located in Europe, the report also suggests that Max will begin rolling out the paid version of its sports add-on soon. Considering Max will be the streaming home of the Paris Olympics in Europe, it looks like those wanting to watch this year’s summer games will need to pay the extra cost for Max’s sports add-on.

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