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Fire TV Now Lets You Create Your Own March Madness Bracket


Fire TV March Madness Bracket

March Madness is now here and Amazon is getting in on the action by adding an interactive bracket to Fire TV. The new March Madness feature is live now on Fire TV devices although, for obvious reasons, the bracket is only due to remain interactive for the next few days.

For those interested in basketball, March is always a busy month, and this year is unlikely to be any different. If you want to keep up on all the action, here’s how to stream every game live. Regardless of whether you do actually intend to watch any of the games, Amazon is offering you the chance to pick your winners and even share the results with others.

Starting from today, the March Madness Hub on the home screen now includes an interactive bracket. Once the user clicks on the bracket, they can then begin filling in their predicted results and winners.

For those unable to find the bracket on the Fire TV device’s home screen, it can also be accessed using either the “Alexa, fill my bracket” or “Alexa, open March Madness Hub” voice commands. Alternatively, the bracket can be reached by double-clicking the Alexa voice control button on the remote and then selecting the March Madness Hub from the shortcut panel.

Once a bracket has been completed, users are able to download and share it with friends by scanning the QR code on the screen. According to Amazon, it is also possible for Fire TV users to earn points for correct picks, and even see how they compare with other Fire TV users.

It should be noted that Amazon is only allowing Fire TV users to pick winners up until March 16th. After all, the competition will be well underway by then, and it won’t be anywhere near as interesting picking a winner after a game has started.

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