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FreeCast To Provide Free Streaming TV To National Lifeline Association Members


FreeCast NaLA

FreeCast has partnered with the National Lifeline Association (NaLA) to trial the provision of free streaming TV to select NaLA members.

The National Lifeline Association is a nonprofit in support of the Lifeline program and the Affordable Connectivity Program. Both are federal programs that can help to lower the monthly cost of essential phone or internet services for low-income households.

This is where FreeCast comes in. The low-cost streaming aggregator is now looking to offer free streaming television to those same low-income households by providing its service to customers on government-subsidized phone and internet plans.

This is a natural fit for us because our service gives consumers access to a massive wealth of content without spending a dime. Free Streaming TV starts here! People think of streaming services or cable packages with hundreds of channels as luxuries, but we’ve got hundreds of thousands of on-demand shows and movies, and over 700 streaming channels, which are all ad-supported. Having access to that amount of information and entertainment can measurably improve the quality of life for low-income individuals and families,” said FreeCast CEO William Mobley.

While the finer details of how this arrangement will work are unclear, the announcement explains that an “initial pilot will begin immediately with test marketing via in-store promotions, web activations, and customer SMS campaigns.”

Essential communications services includes a wide array of services in today’s world,” said NaLA Chairman, David Dorwart. “Breaking news, live events, educational programming and entertainment are increasingly only accessible through streaming services, which require broadband. Lifeline and ACP consumers need a way to access these programs and this partnership with FreeCast will allow them to do just that.”

Regardless of whether enrolled in either of these federal programs, FreeCast is one of many streaming services that offer free access to a variety of FAST channels and a library of on-demand content to homes in the United States.

In addition to its free plan, FreeCast also offers a Value Channels package that requires a monthly subscription fee and unlocks access to a number of paid live channels, including AXS TV, The Cowboy Channel, INSP, and Reelz, among others.

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