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Fubo Ends Samsung TV Support For New Users, App No Longer Available To Download


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The Fubo app on Samsung Smart TVs is no longer available to new users. While it remains unclear why Fubo is no longer officially supporting the Samsung TV app, the change took place earlier this month.

In general, Fubo offers a good level of device support, with apps available on a variety of platforms and devices, including streaming players, smart TVs, mobile devices, and game consoles. In terms of Samsung, Fubo offered support for 2015 and newer Samsung smart TV models.

That has now changed. Earlier this month, Fubo officially stopped offering a supported app on Samsung smart TVs to new users, and has been updating its documentation to reflect this change.

According to multiple recently updated help posts, the Fubo app on Samsung smart TVs became unavailable for new customers as of August 4, 2023. Samsung smart TVs were also recently removed from Fubo’s list of officially supported devices, as well as its Apps page.

As a result, those signing up to the service are now likely to find that the Samsung TV app cannot be downloaded from the Apps section of the smart TV’s interface.

When it comes to existing users that already have the app installed on their Samsung smart TV, Fubo says it will continue to work as normal. Fubo also says that the app will continue to receive updates.

The Fubo app on Samsung Smart TVs will no longer be available for new customers as of August 4, 2023. For current customers that installed the Fubo app on their Samsung Smart TV on or before August 4, 2023, the app will remain available and will continue to receive updates as long as it is installed.”

While Fubo does seem to suggest it will continue to support the Samsung TV app for existing users, it remains unclear how frequently those updates will arrive, or what new features the app may or may not get in the future.

Following this change, Fubo subscribers might want to consider using a different device to access the service, or a different live TV streaming service that continues to officially support Samsung smart TVs.

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