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Fubo Free Is Now Live, But Only For Select Former Fubo Subscribers


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Fubo Free is now available, but only select former Fubo subscribers have access to the free tier at the moment. Fubo confirmed plans to launch a free tier earlier in the year and then reaffirmed those plans earlier this month. At the same time, Fubo explained how the company views the free tier as a way to keep users within its ecosystem.

As Fubo Free is not available to everyone, it can only be accessed after signing in to the Fubo website with an existing account. Once signed in, and instead of reactivating the subscription, former subscribers will see a new ‘Go to free content instead‘ option which redirects them to the new Fubo Free experience.

As Fubo explains in a new help post, the Fubo Free experience is currently limited to “select former Fubo subscribers who have expired from a paying subscription or free trial.” If you don’t see the new ‘Go to free content instead‘ option after signing in, it is likely your account is not one of those that has access yet. When we signed in with a former account to test Fubo Free, we didn’t see the option either.

Those that do have access to Fubo Free can now watch any of the more than 170 FAST channels without a subscription, as well as a selection of on-demand content.

It is also worth noting that while Fubo Free users may see a Recordings option in their My Stuff page, they don’t actually have access to a DVR. Instead, recording capabilities remain reserved for those with a paid Fubo subscription.

If you are still a paid subscriber, then it looks like the Fubo Free experience won’t be of much use to you, as all of the free channels are already included in your base package. Of course, if you do plan to cancel your subscription soon, then it may be worth testing out Fubo Free, after your final billing cycle ends.

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