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Fubo Limits Free Trials To Just 1 Day For New Subscribers


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Fubo has now started offering free trials as low as 1 day. The change appears to have been made last week, so some new subscribers are likely to have already noticed the shorter than usual free trial.

With the cost of live TV continually increasing, a free trial can be a great way to test out a service before having to make the first payment.

However, and after typically offering new users a 7-day free trial, those signing up through the Fubo website will now notice that they are currently only being offered a 1-day free trial instead.

A number of users have noticed the change over the weekend and Streaming Better has checked and confirmed that 1-day free trials are currently in use when signing up.

While not the longest time to check out a new streaming service, it is still longer than no free trial. At present, neither Hulu Live TV nor Vidgo offer a free trial to new users.

Technically, Sling TV doesn’t offer a free trial either. However, we have found that it is possible to get a short free trial, usually around 3 days, when signing up on a device instead of through the website.

On some devices Fubo still seems to be advertising 7-day free trials (for example, the mobile app), but the app redirects the user to sign up through the website which then adjusts the free trial to 1 day again.

So while some new users may see they are offered a 7-day free trial in certain apps, they might want to confirm the length of the trial before actually signing up.

Speaking of devices, it is also worth noting that Fubo recently dropped support for Samsung smart TVs for new users. While existing users can continue to use the app, new subscribers won’t be able to download the app on their Samsung smart TV.

In general, Fubo is a company which often changes elements of its plans for a short time or as part of a test, so it is possible that 7-day free trials might return to Fubo at a later time.

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