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Fubo Partnership Hopes To Improve Video Quality, Bitrate and Buffering


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Fubo has struck a new partnership that aims to improve video quality, bitrate and buffering. The partnership also expects to lower Fubo’s operational costs at the same time.

Fubo is one of the main live TV streaming services operating in the US, and one that’s specifically focused on live sports. However, streaming, and streaming live sports in particular, is not without its problems, including reduced video quality, buffering, and other issues.

Fubo is now hoping to improve some of these issues through a new partnership with Digital Harmonic. Fubo will use Digital Harmonic’s KeyFrame as its advanced video pre-encode filter. The end goal being an improved streaming experience in general for Fubo subscribers.

The use of KeyFrame is not only being touted as a way to enhance video quality, but also as a method of significantly reducing bitrate at the same time. Essentially, the partnership hopes to offer subscribers “visually stunning content” while “significantly” lowering Fubo’s streaming costs.

Fubo is tremendously excited about this strategic partnership and the transformative impact we expect it to have on our streaming experience,” said Mike Berkley, Chief Product Officer at Fubo. “Together, we aim to set new standards for video quality, bitrate optimization, and cost-efficiency, reinforcing Fubo’s position as leaders in live TV streaming.”

As KeyFrame is marketed as a bump-in-the-wire solution, one of the benefits is that it can more easily be integrated into Fubo’s existing setup, potentially speeding up deployment.

In theory, the idea is that KeyFrame will perform necessary encoding on the server side while up-sampling on the user-side prior to displaying video, resulting in a reduction in bandwidth, storage, and buffering.

With Fubo adopting KeyFrame across hundreds of channels, we are poised to revolutionize the live TV streaming industry by empowering platforms to deliver superior video quality while optimizing bandwidth consumption,” said Scott Haiges, CEO of Digital Harmonic.

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