fuboTV Experiencing Disney & ESPN Issues on Samsung Smart TVs

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fuboTV recently added a selection of Disney-owned channels, including ESPN. However, accessing those channels through fuboTV on a Samsung smart TV is proving more difficult than expected. In fact, fuboTV currently recommends not streaming these channels on a Samsung smart TV at all, and using a different device instead.


The addition of the new channels was a major boon for fuboTV and especially in terms of ESPN, considering the live TV service’s emphasis on sports. While support for the new channels went live on August 1, the launch has been anything but smooth. Besides the current Samsung smart TV issue, fuboTV subscribers are unable to record any of these channels yet, regardless of the device used.

fuboTV recently updated its status page to confirm the current Samsung smart TV issue. The page does not provide detailed information on the issue, but does state that there are streaming issues and subscribers are advised to use an alternate device, if possible.


“Disney/ESPN networks are experiencing issues streaming on Samsung Smart TVs. If you are able to watch using another device, we suggest you do so until this issue is resolved.”

Source: fuboTV

What’s the issue with Samsung smart TVs?

With the status page providing little information, there’s not much official word on what is causing the Samsung smart TV compatibility issues, and especially considering it only seems to relate to the Disney and ESPN networks. However, the fuboTV support account on Twitter did recently respond to a question on the topic, providing some additional insight along the way.

According to the support account, Samsung smart TVs are encountering buffering and/or freezing issues when accessing the affected channels. Again, the message was for subscribers to use an alternate streaming device to avoid the issues.

There is no word on when a fix will be available, although the same support account has repeatedly made it clear that the Disney and ESPN issues will not be resolved until it rolls out an update to the fuboTV app on Samsung smart TVs. Right now, it remains unclear when that update will make its way out.


For those encountering the issue, who also don’t have the luxury of accessing fuboTV through an alternative streaming device, one solution for ESPN might be the actual ESPN app. Samsung smart TV users can directly download the ESPN app to their TV and then use their fuboTV credentials to sign in and stream content.

Source: fuboTV

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6 replies on “fuboTV Experiencing Disney & ESPN Issues on Samsung Smart TVs”

I am also seeing this on FX and FXX. There could be more, but haven’t checked all channels. Does FuboTV have a list of all know channels currently experiencing an issue. Fron researching this issue, it appears it has been an issue for a while now.

Trying to watch the game last night on a new 75 inch Samsung smart tv was impossible on the fubo streaming app. It buffered continuously and then it would turn to a black screen. I believe it was the ABC NETWORK. I love the app but please resolve this issue. I have plenty of megabits on my wi-fi and ironically when the game was over everything was fine!!!

Same problem.. ABC freezes on a screen, sometimes it has double audio or jumps back in the program but it always goes back to frozen picture.
I installed Fubo on my fire TV and it works fine..
I’m going to get a Roku Ultra and install Fubo on that.

Yes – ESPN is unwatchable on Samsung smart TV. It works for about 30-60 seconds, then it jumps backward and/or video freezes (though the audio may continue running). Thank you for the tip on watching on other devices and/or the ESPN app!

Our fubo dvr on Samsung smart tv says our cloud is full, but we haven’t recorded anything at all. Is this a ploy to get us to buy the $16.99 per month for the bigger cloud? I hope not, I love fubo. 🤗,
Ex-dishnetwork user

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