fuboTV Was Down, But the Issue Should Now Be Fixed

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fuboTV experienced technical difficulties today, but the issue should now be fixed. However, for anyone still encountering a down service, there is a quick and easy fix worth trying. Basically, restart the app and the issue should resolve itself. If not, it might be worth considering using a third-party network app in the meantime.


fuboTV is a popular option for consumers looking to stream live TV content, and especially sports. With the weekend tending to be when a lot of the sports action takes place, any downtime is going to be a problem and has the potential to affect a number of subscribers.

According to multiple user reports, many fuboTV subscribers have found they cannot access the service today. The problem seemed to affect multiple channels and was not specific to any particular device, with the problem being noted on smartphones, smart TV, as well as Fire TV and Roku streaming players. In some cases, users are seeing a “There is no content” message when trying to stream.


In response to many of the online complaints, fuboTV has acknoweldged there was a problem, but also states the issue has since been fixed. While many users should not be seeing the issue any longer, some appear to be still unable to access the service. For those affected users, fuboTV suggests relaunching the app should fix the problem. If a subscriber continues to see a problem, fuboTV also suggests trying to reload the app every 15 minutes until normal service resumes.

Third-party apps another option

Although there are many benefits to streaming, one of the issues is always going to be the possibility of downtime. fuboTV is no exception here, nor is it the only service that occasionally experiences an outage.

The first reports of the problem began surfacing shortly after 12 p.m. PST and fuboTV started issuing responses that the issue had been fixed within the same hour. Again, that’s not to say the timing wasn’t unfortunate with the number of games taking place this weekend, but those affected should now be able to get back to watching again.


If the issue is still persisting or in the future when a problem like this surfaces, one option worth considering is the use of third-party apps. Many services, including fuboTV do offer the option to use their live TV credentials to log in to network apps directly and stream from there. This can be a useful way to get back to streaming, providing it is the live TV service that’s down and not the network.

Source: fuboTV (Twitter)

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