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fuboTV Has Now Officially Added Bally Sports RSNs


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Bally Sports RSNs are now available on fuboTV. The channels were previously announced as coming to the live TV streaming service but no firm date was given as to when they would actually go live. That’s now changed.

Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks officially launched on fuboTV on February 6th, 2023. As a result, existing subscribers now have access to any Bally Sports RSNs that are available in their area. Likewise, anyone signing up to fuboTV will now see any available RSNs advertised as part of the live TV service’s various packages.

For reference, the announcement does point out that Bally Sports San Diego and Bally Sports Great Lakes have yet to launch. According to fuboTV, they will become available “at a later date ahead of the Major League Baseball season.”

As a reminder, the addition of Bally Sports channels was accompanied by an increase in the coat of fuboTV’s regional sports fee. The actual cost of the RSN fee depends on the location of the subscriber and how many RSNs they get access to with their live TV plan.

As the various Bally Sports channels are now live, subscribers now receiving any new RSNs through fuboTV should expect their monthly cost to increase accordingly. Likewise, anyone signing up to fuboTV in a location with access to at least one RSN will see the additional cost added to their base plan price when checking out.

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